Appliance Installation FAQs

How far will you travel for an installation project?
Do you install all appliances?
Do you install drip pans for washing machines?
What days and times do you work?
Do you cut stone or do any fabrication?

Do you do plumbing or electrical work?
Will you wear booties while in the house?
Do you charge to pick up or haul away appliances?

Do you put anything down to protect the floors?
Will you pick up from anywhere?
Do you work for Pac Sales or anyone else?
Will you move appliances from one house and install in another?
What type of warranty do you provide?
Do you provide multi-installation or cash discounts?
Do you do estimates or job walks?
How long will it take to do the installation?
When/how will you contact us about the installation date and time?
What forms of payment are accepted?
What happens to my old appliance once the new one is installed?

Do you only install certain brands?

Do I need to purchase the appliances or will you do that?

Will you install a single appliance, or do we have to replace all of our appliances?